Milo’s Birthday, Part 3

Yes, we’ll be doing these in no particular order.  On the evening of Saturday March 10th we had Milo’s final birthday celebration.  Apparently our good friends Art and Shirley somehow missed our (exclusively) telepathic invite to come celebrate on the big birthday itself so we had them over the next week.  Shirley was after all kind enough to come over late at night on the day Milo was born and watch Talia so that Henry could come help us get home from the hospital, and thus she was the very first friend to greet him.

We played games (This photo really was not staged.  Milo loves his mylar ballon, which was a gift from his big sister for his birthday from our most excellent dollar store):

Read books:

And of course ate cake.  This was Milo’s third attempt at sugar which explains the confident pose:

And ended the night with a little spin around the apartment on his pony:

Talia can be seen on the horse here, and someday we’ll get around to scanning photos of Milo’s mother and aunt riding.

And a sneak peek at Sunday’s adventure:


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