A Full Weekend of Adventuring

Talia takes her LLL meetings quite seriously (love the suffragettes in the background).  We’ve been attending quite a few meetings recently as I prepare to become a LLL leader (eventually):

Milo enjoyed the meeting too:

Then it was off to the hair dresser for a little haircut in anticipation of our family photo session in Central Park (photos coming later):

And our usual late Friday afternoon “waiting for shabbos” in a bookstore/library time.  We will definitely have to remember the benefit of finding a synagogue within 5 blocks of 2 children’s bookstores, 1 library and 2 ice cream stores in the future:

Brooklyn Transit Museum as photographed by Talia (more photos in a few days since they are on the other camera):

And then Talia and her super-cool friend Lila headed to the Children’s Art Museum.  In case you don’t know NYC all that well, this certainly isn’t our neighborhood and Lila does an excellent job of striking a SOHO-appropriate pose:

There were plenty of art supplies:

And even a nice museum guy to distract Milo from eating them …

And then Milo got a chance to try out the ball pit (despite the firm warnings about how dangerous it was by the museum attendant.  You will all be glad to know that he survived unscathed):

As did Talia and Lila:

And a Misaka Kawai exhibit, complete with giant pink hair wall:

And a lot to explore:

Including monster costumes:

Then we colonized the big kids art room:

Where they might have been a tad disappointed that the girls were more interested in the art process then  creating a piece of art to take home:

And then we danced all the way through lunch and across Prince Street …

to Purl Soho for a little inspiration (and past some lovely children’s clothing boutiques) (Note also that Lila’s dress here is a version of the same pattern as Talia’s yellow flower dress pictured at the Cloisters, so we do at least occasionally finish sewing projects):


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