A busy birthday weekend

with Grandma.  We read a lot of stories in the bookstore …

and Central Park …

And a certain someone developed an obsession with pushing his stroller (thanks for the gift Mel, we’re still loving it):

He walked so much that other people had to sit and take a rest:

But he kept right on walking:

A little Dutch stroller amidst the tulips in the Central Park Conservatory:

And then we wandered down to 74th Street past the Cherry Blossoms:

And Talia even got a quick turn with the stroller:

To Grom, of course.  Because even Talia remembers that Grandma likes ice cream:

And the rest of the weekend?  We walked …

Of course we made a cake and shared it with friends:

And basically we have been (very, very slowly) covering our neighborhood with Milo on foot ever since the weekend:

We do get quite a lot of attention as Milo may yet be the shortest man ever to walk around Manhattan, but through it all he maintains his concentration:

(except maybe when there are flashing lights around)

And where was Talia?  Asleep in the other stroller, of course:

The big smile after walking 5 blocks from the subway home tonight:

And to clarify, Milo still can’t walk without holding on to something.  But he can walk quick a significant distance with his handy stroller.


One Response to “A busy birthday weekend”

  1. Mel Quevillon Says:

    These pictures are AWESOME!!! Go Milo Go!!!

    So happy to see that stroller being so thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

    xo Mel

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