More photos from Central Park last weekend

Talia explores the seashore (otherwise known as a small pond in Central Park):

Must remember to go take more photos on this Church step a block from our apartment soon:

Last Sunday we set off on a long walk through Central Park, from our apartment down to 59th Street (Sadly the Carousel is closed for renovations.  Had we known that we might have turned back sooner).  Unfortunately the day had a slightly tragic ending as we realized that we had lost my little point and shoot camera, but Amazon is very kindly delivering us a new one today (I spent a week calling all of the police departments in NYC.  Who knew that Central Park has no lost and found).  Setting off with our trusty strollers:

Picnic in Sheep’s Meadow.  Yet again Talia and Milo seem to be dressed for rather different climate zones:

Good thing we brought a change of clothes (no, she’s not lying on the grass.  She’s lying next to the grass … on the dirt):

Photography by Talia.  Also last known sighting of my beloved red camera:



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