Maybe you’ve heard of the big children’s literature awards?

You know, like the Newberry and the Caldecott.  Isn’t this nice, a display of six of the seven winners for 2012 in the bookstore?

Oh wait.  Better with the authors:

Well, with that kind of line-up it must have been a ticketed, standing room only event, right?  Except there were only about 25 people there.  And note Talia’s seating choice (and yes, we brought Milo’s walker stroller along):

Given our seat selection we didn’t have too much leeway on making noise.  I was pretty proud that both Talia and Milo made it through the full 30 minute presentation (each author spoke about their book).  Snacks helped:

And then we relocated to the back so that Talia and Milo could read quietly while I listened to the Q and A:

And then it was time to meet the authors.  What you may not realize about this years’ Caldecott winners is that they all both wrote and illustrated their own books.   And since the crowd was small, they weren’t just signing books.  Each and every one of the Caldecott winners added an illustration to our books.

Lane Sm.ith, “Gran.dpa Gr.een:” (the extra punctuation should prevent google from picking up this website if anyone enters all the winners names.  Hopefully.  If not, I’ll fix it later with something more sophisticated)

Patrick O’Do.nnell, “Me …”

John R.occo, “Bl.ackout:”

Jack Gan.tos, “ E.nd in Nor.evelt:”

Eug.ene Y.elchin “Brea.king Stalin’s N.ose:”

And last, but by no means least, Chris Rashka “A B.all for Da.isy:”

Yes, we now own all six books.  We already had three of them and when you listen to the authors explain their inspiration … well, it’s hard not to feel like splurging.  And then we headed off at our usual speedy pace to meet Henry near his office:

And this is a preview of the next post, our afternoon in Bryant Park:


2 Responses to “Maybe you’ve heard of the big children’s literature awards?”

  1. allie Says:

    every time i go to Little Shop of Stories (our one local children’s bookstore) i beg them to bring in picture book authors so that we can get something cool signed for you. Guess what? They brought in someone cool on Friday. Guess what? Catherine fell asleep before it started and wouldn’t wake up for us to leave in time for it. Guess what? It still wasn’t even close to being as cool as your Award Winning book signing was this weekend! AMAZING!!! Living in NYC certainly pays off 🙂 Glad we can live vicariously through you!

  2. allie Says:

    PS Can you tell me more about this google search trick? Is it for privacy? I am thinking maybe the punctuation idea might be something i need to start incorporating if that’s the main reason.

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