Before we got all sorts of distracted by meeting Mary Poppins …

there was a lovely afternoon at Bryant Park.  Unfortunately the grass was roped off (as it often is at Bryant Park), but both kids tried to sneak onto it despite the hundreds of people sitting respectfully next to, but not on, the green grass:

And of course we rode the carousel:

Unfortunately Milo got a bit scared when the carousel actually started to move, and since they don’t allow you to hold children on the moving carousel … well, needless to say, the ride was stopped while a certain someone and his mother moved to the chariot option.  Anyway, it’s a cute photo:

And then of course we spent a long while at the outdoor library in Bryant Park reading:

And climbing …

And it was even warm enough to explore the fountain:


3 Responses to “Before we got all sorts of distracted by meeting Mary Poppins …”

  1. Corinne Says:

    That picture of Talia in the blue hat looking up at you is perfection.

  2. Lesley Speier Says:

    they are just the cutest. Love all the posts and pic xxoo

  3. Shirley Says:

    Love the vintage red overalls on Milo baby.

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