Messy art!

Well, it started out not so messy.  Cinammon-scented playdoh.  Which was unfortunately consumed in quite large quantities by some of the crowd.  I figured that being 1/3 salt by weight might put them off from more than a nibble, but apparently not.  Don’t worry, it was homemade and entirely edible.  Also fun with sparkly necklaces:

Milo seemed to enjoy the full sensory experience:

And then, well, things got a little messier:

Our pendulum painting didn’t exactly turn out like the one we read about (Look at those patterns!:  It was more of a bouncing effect:

But still very cool:

And there were headscarves for busy artists, and of course some sponges to paint with (the theme was painting without paintbrushes):

And, um, fly swatters?

Don’t worry about the mess, Milo will take care of it:

Of course he painted too:

It was a busy, full table of painters:

But the most popular activity by far was painting with pasta:

Some people couldn’t resist a nibble.  We won’t name names:

Really, no idea why his lips are blue:

The concentration was pretty impressive:

Thanks again for hosting Carol!



One Response to “Messy art!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    This looks like so much fun! Such brave parents to be willing to let the children get as messy as they’d like, too. Every child deserves a good messy art day 🙂 I love all of the ideas – especially painting with pasta and the pendulum painting.

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