A life altering event

but more on that below.  Our good friends came to visit all the way from Canada and we decided to make the most of their 24 hour stay.  We hadn’t seem them in about 10 months but it took the girls only about 5 minutes to get busy playing together:

And they kept on playing: bicycles, books, and of course our light box:

The guys were pretty busy too:

The level of cooperation was pretty astounding.  Spending time with these two always makes me look forward to the prospect of having older kids someday:

We of course started the day with bagels:

They were pretty good:

Then we headed to the Museum of Natural History:

Of course, Ollie and Gabby have super powers (perhaps bolstered by a yummy vegan lunch at Blossom):

We stopped in front of a nice, shiny red firehouse door to take some photos:

WHEN … (drumroll) … a real, live, friendly fireman popped his head out and asked if the kids might want to come inside?  Um, yes!  He actually seemed a bit surprised when the first kid up in the firetruck (Ollie) immediately pressed the air brake.  Talia turned all the turn signals on and off, and Gabby definitely tried a few buttons.  Ollie playing it cool:

But it was Milo who was truly in heaven.  If you haven’t visited recently, you may not know that Milo has rather a noticeable case of stranger anxiety.  You know, the type of stranger anxiety which makes him put his head down and sob when the UPS man rings the doorbell.  Or which occasionally induces tears when Henry carries him from the bedroom to the living room to have his diaper changed if I don’t immediately join them.  Which is what makes this series of photos even more remarkable:

He knew exactly what to do:

Look at that gaze!

I don’t have the photo because I was holding Milo, but he put both arms out to be picked up by the fireman after he was returned to me.  This was truly a big life event for our little guy.

And then we all headed to Grom to share some ice cream and strategize about meeting up again soon:

But even if we don’t  make it up to Ontario soon, it’s good to know that these girls will still be close when we do get together again:

And then thanks to some very well-timed power naps, we even made it up to dance:


One Response to “A life altering event”

  1. Shirley Says:

    love love love the firehouse adventure pics

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