A full day

We started with a little sensory bin fun: cornstarch and ice cubes colored with tempera paint.  As the ice cubes slowly melted we used them to write on the goo:

Then it was off to brunch with Dave and Jo:

After a leisurely lunch it was finally time for the “big girls” (Talia and I) to head to the ballet.  Luckily we met up with a very good fairy friend enroute:

The ballet itself was a nice mix of lovely and disastrous.  First of all, we thought that we were going to the end of the year children’s performance for the girls’ dance program, so we were expecting all ballet and plenty of rowdy little siblings in attendance.  Instead we managed to buy tickets to a rather staid fundraiser for some local Harlem arts institutions.  Also, far more performance art than we expected.  Moreover, the program was way too long for our crowd, and we had to make a rather sudden exit mid-performance.  But Talia and Lila still enjoyed much of it:

And the expedition was rescued when we remembered that what the girls really wanted to do was just dance.  So we snuck into the studio downstairs and danced:

And we danced all the way to the train station:

And a treat, of course:


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