A two picnic day

Lunch at St. John the Divine:

Dinner at Gantry State Park:

Talia has been coming up with the most delightful nicknames for her brother.  In the past week he has been Bleu-blee, Toobin, Piddler Piddler Pumpkin Iddler, and Googi (the second g is soft).  Luckily he responds to all of those names:

There were a lot of kids playing with giant bubbles, and Talia and Milo joined right in:

Note the bubbles:

And yes, there is quite a nice view from the park, the light just made it hard to photograph:

For the record, Talia has plenty of other dresses to wear, but this is her princess dress and she would prefer to wear it every day (and thank goodness this is as close to a disney princess dress as she has in her closet or we would never get her out of it).  Luckily it is made of pure plastic so it has yet to stain and dries within an hour of washing.  Unfortunately that also means that we sometimes need to hide it.  But at least it photographs well:

And luckily just after our wonderful babysitter Emma had to leave, Dada snuck out of the office to come play:


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