more from our trip to see Grandma

What better way to balance out all of that mud play than a visit to see a Calder exhibit at the Duke Art Museum:

Followed by a quick snack run to Whole Foods.  I honestly have no memory of why/how Milo lost his clothes, but my guess is that it probably involved a spilled beverage (Milo generally drinks out of an open glass most days.  He desperately wants to be just like his big sister).  Needless to say it did not slow him down:

Hey, at least he’s wearing shoes:

We all read some of the great new books at Grandma’s, and then the adults departed for a delightful evening celebrating one of my childhood friend’s weddings.

Henry had to depart a day before us to get back to work:

But we still made it back to the pool in the late afternoon.  A heavy rainstorm temporarily closed the pool, but we made do with the puddles until it reopened (there was no lightning, just too much rain for the lifeguards to see across the pool):

Nothing like sailing boats on the sidewalk after a rainstorm:

Our next excursion was a first for us, a tour of the super cool local business Spoonflower (they print fabric).  Milo was a tad disappointed that he couldn’t help them to reset all of their machines:

But quite pleased with a coffee break afterwards with Liz:

We finished up in time to meet Grandma and Talia at a tour of the Lemur Center (Note: this is not  a real lemur).  Talia was quite attentive during the tour and on more than one occasion noted the similarities between lemurs and her baby brother (“They both like berries.”  “They both have sharp teeth.”  “They both look scary at night.”):

And then we rushed off to the airport after our original flight was canceled in order to catch a new flight.  At least we had new lemur stuffed animals to keep us busy (and yes, Talia learned on the tour that lemur babies need to nurse a lot):

Thankfully Grandma came through security with us to keep us company and the airport has a used bookstore which we tore apart for quite a while:

And then we finally boarded our rescheduled flight …

and read for a long 45 minutes on the runway before that flight was canceled.  Which leads us to Project Getting Back to NYC Day 2.  We rushed out the door to catch an early morning flight … which was canceled.  Resulting in this rather telling shot from an impromptu breakfast at Cracker Barrel:

Thankfully Milo was on the ball as we battled to get onto another flight:

which we eventually did.  Hopefully I’ll have a few decent photos off of the other camera to post later in the weekend.


2 Responses to “more from our trip to see Grandma”

  1. Yeye and Nainai Says:

    A little math: So all together how many flights have you taken and then canceled?

  2. Lesley Says:

    They are beyond cute hope to see you person some time ♥

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