What a weekend with Grandma

Talia had been counting down to this trip for weeks:

First stop was of course the pool, and some quite impressive cooperative games:

Such a confident little pool guy:

The next morning bright and early (ok, closer to 11) we visited the farmer’s market:

And Ian, ever the gracious Durham host, offered us all flowers:

Next stop: Guglhupf!  Of course, Talia would never act particularly sweet right in front of a huge case of sugary desserts when she wanted to try “just a few”:

Doug and Milo hanging out:

All of the kids:

Then we made a quick run by the Scrap Exchange while Talia napped:

Despite his tough man face here, Milo is a pretty big fan of messy art projects:

And then it was back to the pool with Dada!

The next morning we decided to explore slightly murkier waters at the Eno River.  Our pirate was not afraid and waded right in:

Talia was a little more cautious until she realized that she could wear her red shoes into the river:

We did not make it all that far on our hike, but it was still a lovely stop:

A little photography by Talia:

To be continued …


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