Not even all that out of order, but certainly not posted all that quickly …

just before we headed to Long Island City (last post) we spent the morning in Jackson Heights celebrating the Queens Gay Pride Parade.  It was a beautiful, bright day with lots of dancing ladies:

Talia was of course thrilled that there was a whole parade to celebrate rainbows:

And even more thrilled to watch it with Corinna:

(photo by Margaret, as are a few of the photos below)

And when it got too hot and crowded for us, we headed to our very favorite dosa place in Jackson Heights.  The dosas are excellent, but the appetizers are incredible:

And then we all wandered back towards the subway:

These girls know how to have fun on a walk:

And Milo enjoyed himself too:

And then we hugged farewell:

And left the neighborhood for a park a little closer to our own island (as pictured in the post below, hopefully the rest of the photos from that trip will appear in my in-box someday …)



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