Well that only took 9 years

no, not this post.  To find the perfect beach on Long Island, near Henry’s parents.  We have been going out to Long Island for a long time now and we had yet to find a beach we really liked.  The town Talia’s Yeye and Nainai live in has a pebble beach, but it’s not great for either walking or swimming.  We’ve tried Smithpoint, which is nice but very crowded and a very steep beach.   This beach is just a turn or two before the outlets (about 20 minutes drive).  Of course, it’s possible that we only loved it because it was quite so empty, which probably won’t be the case over the summer.  In all its pristine sand, big cliffs, and emptiness, Wading River State Park:

And yes, despite the fact that it was still frigid on this particular May day, we all landed up going swimming:


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