A rather hot Independence Day

July 4th was rather hot, so we decided to escape the city … and go to a gorgeous sculpture garden about an hour North of the city.  500 acres, big rolling hills … and very, very little shade:

The kids held up pretty well as long as the snacks were plentiful, and we rode the tram around the grounds and chose a few select sculptures to admire up close:

And Milo even managed to sneak in a nice nap in the shade under the feet of buddha:

Definitely someplace we’d like to go back to.  Maybe on a cool fall day.  Without toddlers.  Of course, Talia fell asleep in the car as we left just as Milo was waking up, and she managed to sleep through a most delicious lunch stop.  Milo made the most of his fancy lunch with both parents while Talia slept:

And then we headed to a most delightful place to beat the summer heat: Marge and Bill’s house, aka Lila’s grandparent’s city escape.  With a shaded pool.

Both girls can now “swim” on their own with the right combination of floats:

And Milo worked on his surfer look:

Although he was every bit as happy helping with pool maintenance:

And then we all had a delicious July 4th dinner cooked by Marge, and ended the evening watching the fireworks from a traffic jam on the Henry Hudson Parkway.  A very enjoyable 4th.


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