A very Brooklyn day

To celebrate having survived on street parking post-July 4th and in anticipation of returning the car to Yeye and Nainai, we decided to have a very Brooklyn day.  We started our day in Red Hook with a fancy brunch.  Outside:


And then we strolled down to the waterfront, aka the beach as Talia hopefully exclaimed:

It’s quite pretty (and yes, do someday ask Henry how he got this shot and whether maybe he shouldn’t be just a little more trusting of his wife.  You could ask, for example, who figured out a way to get us invited into a big, fancy building with a great view):

And back on the waterfront:

And then we headed off to Bay Ridge to play with Rebecca and Benjamin.  And of course, to take advantage of the gorgeous light in their apartment:

Ah, the chaos of four:

Talia and Rebecca had such fun playing dress-up:

And then we packed the kids into the car quite sure that they would nap enroute to Yeye and Nainai’s house.  But they did not nap.  And thanks to a record-breaking driving time we made it just in time for Talia to jump into the pool and swim for a half hour before the pool closed for the night at 8 pm.


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