A quiet weekend

Last week had a bit too much of this (dada running out the door to work, thankfully Milo was there to help him get ready):

And of course, Milo knows the importance of the right accessory:

So we planned a very relaxing weekend.  Starting with warm chocolate chip cookies in bed for breakfast, of course:

Such a pose:

Classic Milo, stopping his block construction to do a little ballet twirl when Talia put a CD on:

Then we had a long paint session in the kitchen with our new easel:

No idea how we landed up with so much paint on the white cabinets of our rental …

This piece is all Milo, start to finish:

And off to greet Emma at the elevator (also no idea who put blue handprints on our hall …):

Luckily she came prepared to jump in the pool and clean all that paint off (we’ve finally braved the public pool at the end of the block and if you get there at just the right time it can be lovely):

The next day it was off to the Museum of Natural History and Central Park with Sammy and Lucy:

Twinsies in the stroller (not only are their birthdays only a day apart, but these two are both rather petite toddlers):

I love this Lucy look:

And then to one of our favorite kid-friendly Indian restaurants, complete with reading nook:

Ok, so we really go for the cardamom iced coffee.  But the reading nook is nice.


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