Coney Island, at last

I have wanted to go to Coney Island since I moved to the big city, but it wasn’t until last weekend that we finally made the trip (really, not that long, and we could easily walk to the very subway line which goes out there).  Coney Island is not exactly a high gloss expedition.  The charm is in the grime and kitsch, and there was plenty of both.

Talia got to choose one ride, which thankfully was the carousel:

And of course, there was ice cream on the boardwalk:


Don’t worry, Milo also had an ice cream cone.  He just shared it with Henry:

And then Dada headed back to the city to put in a few hours at work and we headed out onto the sand to play:

Note: Yes, Talia is wearing rain boots.  And apparently the beach at Coney Island is usually a good deal more crowded, but the combination of intermittent rain and that it was about 7 pm when we hit the beach helped.


One Response to “Coney Island, at last”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Classic NYC pics!! Love love love

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