Escaping the city on a hot, sunny day

well, that was the plan anyway.  We made very exciting plans to head North for a long playdate last weekend … only to discover it was rather cool and overcast.  Much fun was had nevertheless at Lila’s grandparents (thanks Marge and Bill!).  There was swimming, and when the kids’ lips turned suspiciously blue we all hopped out of the pool and enjoyed two very messy art projects, one involving liquid watercolors and bubbles and the other the classic fallback of blowing milk bubbles, here with plenty of food coloring added:

I was quite impressed that after a good 5 minutes of inadvertently inhaling the milk, Milo did in fact figure out how to blow milk bubbles:

Then we of course all hopped into the pool again and when it started to rain we headed inside for lunch and Talia and Milo’s very first viewing of the olympics.  Fencing, naturally:

Unfortunately the adults couldn’t really watch the olympics at the same time that the kids were:

Until Bill took charge:


You may notice that the sun has practically disappeared even though this photo was mid-afternoon:

Not exactly the best photo, but this was the weather when we finally headed back to the city (that’s Lilian holding Milo while I elegantly hurtle myself into the way back of the SUV for the drive):


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