A few photos from last week

Books at bedtime:


And books first thing in the morning:


Princes Lucianna and co:

Rivaling all of the tiny storefronts in the Netherlands, a very daring couple has opened a bubble tea/smoothie shop in our building.  Their storefront is twice the width of a door, and they are unfortunately directly next to Dunkin Donuts, but we will enjoy very local, cheap smoothies for as long as they are around:


Garbage truck!

Also new to the neighborhood, an incredibly fabulous French bakery (The owners literally just moved from France a few months ago).  Very conveniently located on our daily walk:


Milo hard at work at the Cooper Hewitt storytime/art project.  He was decorating a fish with watercolor pencils:

Then there was this:

And this:

And then, I looked at Talia’s drawing for a moment and looked back just in time to see Milo finish drinking the water for the art project.  Needless to say, the coordinator was a bit surprised when I asked where to refill the water bowl.

Friday, LLL:


And getting ready to run a few errands later in the day (his choice of accessory):


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