We’re saving the official First Day of School post for Monday

but a few photos from Talia’s 3 school orientations.  Computer/magnet school/failed uniform pick-up orientation:

Nothing ironic about being the only parents grumpy that our kid got into a Technology magnet school (read: lots of computers) and as a result got to watch a video during orientation:

And then got bored and snuck a book off the shelf:

Orientation, Day One.  A new dress and a scheyanu:

She wasn’t too shy:

The age gap is fairly apparent in pre-K.  The kids were asked to draw what they were looking forward to doing in pre-K.  Most drew pictures of their families, a few went for rainbows, and Talia went a bit more literal.  Here she is sharing her work with the class: “This is a red line.  And this is a purple circle.”  And so it was, and a very nice red line and purple circle at that.

Telling dada all about it:

And a celebratory breakfast:

Orientation, day two:

And where was Milo?  At the playground, of course:

Coming up Monday: photos from the first full day of school.



One Response to “We’re saving the official First Day of School post for Monday”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Such a huge accomplishment! Congrats! Talia is beaming at school =)

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