If you were in the East Village on Sunday

you might just have seen a princess fairy and a dragon fairy taking a walk …

and yes, they both picked their own costumes.  Milo is quite attached to his fairy wings.

Brunch, of course.

And then we wandered off to a very large and exceedingly well-designed community garden on East 6th Street.  Someone took a very, very long nap but a certain someone else had already napped and enjoyed exploring the garden (which is complete with large treehouse and free concerts).

And then Milo changed into the best pajamas ever (any help figuring out which vintage children’s book features a little boy in pajamas just like these?) …


(and yes, he is wearing layers underneath)

And then Milo changed into something a little more formal for the rest of the concert …

Which did not exactly stop him from trying to go for a swim.

Climbing up to the treehouse/reading room (hey, at least he picked the stairs and not the ladder):

And one final photo before we headed out to coffee (which Talia also sleep through):




One Response to “If you were in the East Village on Sunday”

  1. Corinne Says:

    Where exactly is this magical garden? Milo should wear the wings every day. I dig them.

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