A very Brooklyn, bibliophile weekend

On Friday afternoon we headed downtown:

To meet a certain Mo Will.ems (yes, that pink headband front and center is Talia):

He has a very impressive reading style, and he read his new book and answered questions.  Late night stroll home after all the excitement:

Not even two blocks from our apartment a large Obama campaign headquarters has been set up.  The volunteers are quite enthusiastic and staff the desk from 10 am to 10 pm every day.  We often stop and admire their buttons …

Of course, we are not exactly in a swing state.  Pretty awesome that they are soliciting donations (or loans) of trash cans, after all:

The next morning we had an only in NYC experience.  3 year old ballet auditions.  I won’t keep you in suspense: both Talia and her friend Lila made the cut!

Followed by a little playground time and a Moroccan lunch:

And then began an epic 2 hour journey to Brooklyn to visit with friends.  Large parts of it were very puzzling, but it was definitely worth it in the end (and we got a ride back to our own subway line after yummy dinner):

This is what mornings often look like around here.  Talia dragged her piano into the hall to reach something, and of course Milo sat down to play a tune while she climbed (and yes, the hall is currently much cleaner):

We headed back to almost the exact same subway stop as the night before to meet some authors at the Brooklyn Book Festival.  I was actually so puzzled by the set-up that I asked an organizer if this was overflow seating, but no, this little area hosted the children’s authors.  This is Judith V.iorst (Alexan.der and the Horrible no good very bad day) reading to an enthralled audience of … about 20:

Sometimes Talia sits, sometimes she dances:

Oh hello, Stephen S.avage.  We quite like your book “Where’s Wal.rus?”

And then we returned to our own neighborhood to play with friends at the park on our very own block:


One Response to “A very Brooklyn, bibliophile weekend”

  1. Corinne Says:

    Fun day.I’m glad I got to get in on the Mo Willems action. Thanks again!

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