We last left off

with this:

which was shortly followed by a long walk to the subway (note Milo’s most awesome vintage shorts):

Not a particularly stunning video visually, but I love the girls confidence as they belt out a song on the way home:

Follow by a little impromptu barre work:

You might wonder where the barre is.  Naturally it’s part of the local Obama headquarters, and a large part of its appeal (we stop almost every day to admire their buttons and discuss politics.  Thankfully it’s rarely mobbed):

And then onwards!

No, this was not actually in the least bit posed:

Just the end result of a little last minute twirl and stretch on the way home (yes, videography is the next frontier and we are conclusively not there yet):

And after that lengthy and s-l-o-w trip home we had a lovely afternoon at home complete with this:

And this (sorry, couldn’t resist):

(Don’t worry, Henry had a good excuse for not being a personal climbing structure.  He was after all busy facilitating nap time:

And this:

And by the time we perfected the recipe for Gak with Talia and Lila, both girls had moved on from being ballerinas to princesses to nudists.  So no photos obviously.


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