We interrupt our review of activities many weeks ago to report on Hurricane Sandy

Needless to say we are totally fine.  But we had a very Manhattan nor’easter.  We started the festivities in a bounce house (local school fair, closed early due to the wind).  Milo and I were very proud of Talia for making it all the way through the bounce house obstacle course.  I think she was proud too:

Next up: a lovely birthday party.  Complete with a trip to the Children’s Museum and lots of Halloween costumes.  Happy Birthday Sammy!

Our seventies superhero found a bus to drive and did not budge for the rest of the time we were at the Children’s Museum.  I guess it’s not that often that someone quite so small gets to drive the bus:

Princesses in action:

Walking quickly towards the birthday cake:

The only decent photo of Milo and Lucy together (we have a thing for photos of these two since they are only a day apart age-wise, Lucy being older obviously):


The kids were not quite as excited as I was to catch one of the last buses running before the storm (we of course could have walked):

And given the dire weather forecast we thought it best to stop on the way home and pick up some flowers.  And mini pumpkins for painting, of course.

And a little friendly political dialogue, of course.  There must be a joke somewhere about that time when a fairy princess and a seventies superhero wandered into campaign headquarters …


Monday it rained …

So we became pirates …


(I know this is blurry but look at that pirate face!)

Oh the horror of walking the dread plank:

On Tuesday we practiced climbing out of the window in case of flooding:

We scavenged for food scraps (yes, the fridge really is that full.  Good thing the power didn’t go out):

And did quite a bit of this (in addition to making playdoh, stamps, riding bikes around the lobby …):

And that brings you up to date with our current storm programming.  Coming up tomorrow (in a city still without subway service or any sign of schools reopening): a local halloween party, trick or treating, and CSA pick-up.




One Response to “We interrupt our review of activities many weeks ago to report on Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m so glad you guys made it through in such high spirits! And that you have power! The raincoat and costume for Milo are super adorable too. Happy halloween!

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