A DC weekend

We finally went to visit Henry in DC.  And even better, our wonderful friends from the Netherlands flew over to see us (allegedly they came for a wedding, but then that’s the same excuse they used last time they came to visit us).  Sarah who used to be slightly intimidated by crowds of babies/toddlers totally takes over (Sarah and I met at a wonderful group called “Bumps and Babies” which met for coffee in Leiden once a week before she even had a baby, let alone two adorable little girls):

The girls picked up just where they’d left off, but unfortunately the mamas were too  busy talking to take photos.  These two have a long history (March 2010, September 2010):


And this is seriously the best photo I have of these two together (Sarah?  Any photos you want to share?)

We had a pretty busy weekend.  Picnic breakfasts on the floor:

Yummy lunches with dada:

Dinner with a friend who not only picked a restaurant, came out late at night while under the weather, graciously waited over an hour for us to arrive (ah, DC traffic) but also brought along a fun craft project (thanks to our favorite Girl Scout advisor Rachel!):

Long walks in new neighborhoods:

Playdates with friends (ah, the chaos of getting a decent photo when there are four moving children underfoot …):


Of course, plenty of ice cream:

Playdates with soon-to-be-baby-friends (hi Baby Kieran!  Welcome!  We’re coming back to meet you soon):

An afternoon of cupcakes and used bookstores in Alexandria while we waited for dada to get off work:

No wonder Talia looked quite so glum when we had to hop back in the car and head to NYC.  And of course a thanks to Mike who ever so graciously agreed to listen to the presidential debate on NPR in our car while Talia snoozed and Milo explored all of the features of the GPS so that I could unload the car.  Bet you didn’t know that a standard GPS comes equipped with MP3s which we all listened to on repeat many times during the drive.


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  1. Book Bank Used Books Says:

    Thanks for visiting our bookstore! May we use your photo of the children’s section on Book Bank’s Facebook page or website?

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