Parents observation day at dance

This month I took a really lovely photography class from a local friend.  That is good news in the long run.  In the short term it means a lot more blurry and odd photos.  Of course, bringing a fixed lense and sleeping toddler in the ergo to take photos at a poorly lit (but otherwise lovely) toddler dance class probably was a recipe for a challenge from the beginning.  While I don’t normally post photos of other children without asking their parents, this was parent observation day and almost every parent had some type of camera with them so I am going to presume it’s ok.  With no further ado, a few photos from our morning, also starring prominently Lila who first introduced us to the incredible classes at Harlem Dance Theater just a few short months after Talia started walking.

If you’re wondering, it was not a deliberate decision to buy Talia the wrong color leotard.  But she hasn’t seemed to notice yet.

The class went one way, Talia and Lila went the other …

The whole crew:

Back to dancing:

This edit is unprocessed (I don’t have lightroom on my computer) but I think some of the detail here could be saved (Henry?)

After lunch, there was dancing in the streets:

And, well …

The love carried all the way onto the subway:



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