Thanksgiving Weekend

started with a rather incredible car trip.  I mistakenly convinced Yeye that driving down Columbus Avenue would be faster than going to the East side … on Wednesday night around 7 pm … just as they were inflating the Macy’s Parade Balloons.  So we got an up close view of the balloons and drove the first mile of the parade (rather slowly thanks to the crowds).  Unfortunately the photos are all blurry, as are most of the photos from Thanksgiving itself.  Talia and Milo played with Patrick (and stole his dessert):

Lots of snuggles from friends and relatives:

Lots of books:

We did make one quick little shopping trip on Friday afternoon … (note Talia’s gorgeous new boots.  Thanks Yeye and Nainai!)

And a treat of course:

The new dress I got on clearance at GAP turned out to work quite well for tricycling:

Love this face:

The determination:

When it got too cold outside, we continued the race inside:

On Saturday night we had the pleasure of being invited to quite a fancy feast in Flushing.  The dinner was held in a traditional Hong Kong-style restaurant complete with pillars with rainbow flashing lights, fish tanks, and a provincial business association dinner meeting next to us complete with formal speeches and a giant lettuce centerpiece (the lettuce can be seen if you look closely in the photo below).  Talia wore the dress Nainai bought for her on black Friday, which was quite perfect for the occasion:

Of course Talia also wore her (technically probably Lila’s.  Thanks Lila!) tiara all night too:

And when we got a tad too noisy for the formal restaurant, we escaped to the mall downstairs.  Showdown at the salon:

Ice cream!


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