A wintery, sparkly downtown day

I had a vision of a December day spent wandering around downtown in the Christmas crowds and lights … and somehow a full crew of kids and adults got dragged along.  I’d say it was a success, but perhaps best not to ask the guys.

First stop, McNally-Jackson bookstore.  Thankfully Jim volunteered to attempt to crawl into the playhouse and read to the kids:


Next stop: a little shopping.  Land of Nod pop-up store downtown.  Luckily Henry was there so no one made any purchases, but we still had a good time:



This wrestling match does not seem well-paired:


Lunch was warm and cozy, which we really needed after wandering aimlessly in the cold looking for a restaurant which could seat 7 immediately:




And then I dragged everyone here …


A store selling only rice pudding (it’s called Rice to Riches)?  Ok, it’s gimmicky but it’s also good:


(don’t worry, we saved some for after Milo’s nap)

Next?  Another bookstore.  One of my downtown favorites, the Housing Works cafe:


And we read our new books on the subway, all the way to Penn Station where we left Lila and headed out to visit Yeye and Nainai (and Lilian and Lila tried to ride the R train all the way home …)




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