Another Talia-Lila adventure

After dance last week we all headed down to the Plaza … and then 2 grumpy dadas opted to sit outside and wait.  Turns out that there is a very nice “food pavilion” downstairs, and thanks to a gift from Grandma Talia, Lila, Milo and the mamas all got delicious frozen yogurt:



And then we headed to the swings.  These photos are just placeholders because Henry has the rest.  We had purchased tickets online but Lila’s parents had not, and since the wait was over an hour her noble parents agreed to wait outside so that Talia and Lila could enjoy the art together:



And a few other photos from that week.  Everyday dinner prep:


And Milo, who still enthusiastically answers the alarm clock ring on my cell phone every day, in the morning:



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