Lots of photos to post

We’ve been busy.  First this happened:


Because of this:


Which resulted in all of the expected chaos:


And children left entirely to their own devices …


But it wasn’t all bad:



And then rather unexpectedly this happened:


… all because out little guy was turning TWO and that suddenly means 4 plane tickets for a family trip.  So we handed over our carefully hoarded free flight passes and boarded 3 planes on a 22-hour journey.  I am perpetually surprised at the collective horror at such a trip with 1 adult and 2 children, one of whom was a so-called “lap child.”  As far as we are concerned it was well worth it:


And anyway, we did not even need our passports to visit this time (maybe this will be a good excuse to finally post the photos from our trip to India 2 years ago):


Milo still seemed pretty happy about his birthday the day after we returned:


And of course there was a party:


And the very day we returned mama got a “new shoe.”  Shockingly there is not a single photo of my air cast, but let me assure you that it slowed down the unpacking process.   So many photos to come.  Plus, we’ve been getting to know our new neighborhood and of course the new neighbors:




One Response to “Lots of photos to post”

  1. myersbethy Says:

    Love the special birthday cake and Milo’s wink. I am curious about the air cast. Did this involve all the luggage you were carrying back from Hawaii?

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