First day in our Nation’s Capitol

and we spent most of it like this, waiting for the moving truck to arrive:



But we also drove out to Virginia to collect Henry’s suitcase and made a last minute decision to drop by Target.  Between the 2 am arrival the night before (we couldn’t miss Lila’s birthday dinner), the long day of unpacking, and a very dramatic visit to the pediatrician to yet again confirm that Talia did indeed have the dreaded waterpokken as a baby and thus cannot be vaccinated (chicken pox for the Americans, and yes she really did have it twice), I’d say we were a tad tired by the time we arrived at Target at 9 pm.  And truly astounded by local prices.  We may live in the city but we drive to Virginia for Target.




One Response to “First day in our Nation’s Capitol”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I was just wondering if you’d made your way here. I hope you’re enjoying DC so far!

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