Milo’s 2ND Birthday!

Since 2 is a very big birthday, Milo had 3 separate celebrations.  A joint birthday party with Rebecca complete with coordinating smash cakes, a family celebration, and of course a big birthday bash two weeks later.  On his birthday, possibly slightly jet-lagged and in shock from the change in temperature from Hawaii the day before:





And with party hats!


The distinctly home-made character of our cakes has become a point of pride.  Let no one ever look back at these photos many years from now and mistakenly think that we purchased Milo’s birthday cake at the grocery store.  This cakes were made at home, let me assure you:



And our open house/2nd birthday party with party hats!  And toddlers!

IMG_8252 … and water beads all over the porch …


and cake!




And despite all of that if you ask Milo his age he will tell you with full confidence that he is 4.



One Response to “Milo’s 2ND Birthday!”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Happy Birthday, Milo! I’m loving the homemade cake!

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