Martha’s Vineyard, the wedding party

Talia loves weddings. In fact, she “gets married” at least once a day, most days. So needless to say Dan and Jessie’s wedding was a big deal. And it lived up to her (and our) every fantasy: gorgeous ceremony, cocktails outside, dinner and hours of dancing. And Talia danced. Until the last dance. She even found an adorable dance partner just her size. A few photos from the big night:

Most of the wedding guests stayed at a summer camp which the bride and groom had rented for the weekend. It came complete with toddler-sized playhouse:



And yes, the skies cleared for the first time that weekend for the wedding party.








The lighting was not as easy to photograph inside:



But Talia danced through the very last song. Thankfully Milo slept through much of the reception in a stroller in the corner. Thanks for inviting us, Dan and Jessie!


One Response to “Martha’s Vineyard, the wedding party”

  1. allie Says:

    Ariel! I think about you daily because we always end up reading at least one book that you gave to the girls every day. And then, I was reading a montessori blog tonight, and saw that you commented. I am so sad that I fell out of touch with you but so grateful that your blog is still going strong and I could catch up with y’all (at least through the end of May :). I hope you are well! Your children are so smart and so stunning. It is a gorgeous thing to watch!

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