Nothing like starting at the very beginning – Talia’s First Day of School

And her first trip on the big yellow school bus:



Ok, in full honesty these photos are from the second and third days because we forgot to put a memory card into the camera on the first day.


I also have to admit I was surprised by how few kids were on the bus that very first morning. It turns out that most parents drive their kids to school on their first day, but we were so excited about the school bus that it hadn’t even crossed our mind to do so. Talia takes a private bus from our neighborhood directly to her school every morning, and by mid-year she was willing to take it home once or twice a week.

And two other random fall photos to share. By the end of the summer we had finally finished our backyard set-up. Nothing like a fairy house (thanks to our awesome neighbors who share the yard), a fairy tent, a small swimming pool, two sensory tables, a thrifted set of 1960s metal furniture (from NC) and a porch swing to make our petite and 100% paved “garden” rather popular:


And of course in the fall we built our very own sukkah. I was for unknown reasons totally opposed to leaving the ends of the poles sticking out of the car windows, so it turned out to be an unusually short sukkah, peetering out at a respectable 5 feet. Excellent for toddlers, slightly less practical for some of our adult guests. Next year we may add a few inches height (and hopefully it won’t have to be tied to the garden wall for support, but still a very respectable first attempt without any type of blueprint or directions):



One Response to “Nothing like starting at the very beginning – Talia’s First Day of School”

  1. myersbethy Says:

    I adore your garden! I was excited to see you had posted.

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