So it has been a while

but we have lots of photos to post and a pretty decent excuse for the long absence. As Talia already noted at the end of December, mama has been eating “Too much cake. Really too much” and needless to say all that cake has been making her very sleepy at night. But we’ve still had plenty of adventures and lots of photos to share. From last weekend at Clark Elioak farm in Maryland:





And one from our own neighborhood last weekend:


Hopefully we can get caught up on the best of our photos from the last 8 months in the next few weeks and then we’ll have plenty of new photos to post.


2 Responses to “So it has been a while”

  1. Lesley Speier Says:

    You look awesome so nice to see pics. Keep feeling good can’t wait for the big day. We love you all ♥

  2. Kate Says:

    You are hilariously, perfectly, delightfully, amazingly twin-round! I love it! BEAUTIFUL!!

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