Pittsburgh in December

Talia had a most incredible trip with her Yeye and Nainai to celebrate her 5th birthday, and the rest of the family decided to head over to Falling Water and Pittsburgh for a weekend getaway. I was a bit skeptical of the drive for an overnight trip, but it turns out that with only one (still rear-facing) child in the backseat things were remarkably quiet. Falling Water notoriously does not allow children on tours, but they do have a rather passable cafeteria and play area so we just took turns going into the house. Milo enjoying this architectural gem from the far side of the river:




And in Pittsburg we were delighted to stumble upon the very first Lozziwurm installation in the United States just outside the Carnegie Museum of Art. Milo was a fan despite a few patches of slush and snow on the ground:




We also enjoyed the playground exhibit inside the Carnegie 2013, and then we were off to visit a local bookstore and of course explore the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt:



Add in a lovely brunch, some fabric shopping, pizza for dinner and a nice Indian restaurant on the way out of town and it was a very successful weekend.


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