365 Project – Week 1


365_A (2)

Home at last. There was a colossal thunderstorm just as we attempted to leave the hospital and we landed up waiting for quite a while, but it was worth the wait when we spotted the enormous double rainbow which spread across DC. Talia proposed that we recite Shecheyanu, which lead to a conversation about all of the firsts the babies would encounter this year. And Milo cleverly proposed that we could say Shecheyanu for their very first TV show, which he would be happy to select for them that very evening (Jake for the record). Sadly the babies have yet to see an episode of Jake.


365_L (2)

Of course, they did get plenty of attention when they got home. Talia requested that we print this photo so she could bring it to camp the next day and show her friends. It had pride of place on the wall for the rest of the week.


365_A (3)

Couch time.


365_L (3)

Contemplative time on the couch in one of Talia’s newborn sleepers.


365_A (4)

Best attempt to take a photo for the naming invitation. Two sets of open eyes is obviously too much to ask for at this point.


365_L (4)

There is no dispute as to who is the louder of the two.


365_A (5)

Evenings in the bassinet upstairs.


365_L (6)

Sister snuggles. Talia seems to be a bit peeved that Linnea actually naps during the day so it is with great enthusiasm that she gets to hold her after trying to wake her multiple times.


365_A (6)

Our first visitors from NYC come to meet the babies.


365_A (7)

Out for a walk in the neighborhood we stop at a favorite local church to take a few photos in the grass.


365_L (7)

Both babies already find the stroller a relaxing place to nap, and the soft grass even more so.


One Response to “365 Project – Week 1”

  1. Lesley Speier Says:

    So excited for all of you Mazel Tov. They are gorgeous ♥

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