365 Project – Week 2


365_A (8)

Grandma and the proud Sandek Michael at the bris.


365_L (8)

Why yes, all four children did wear coordinating outfits made for the naming. It turns out that a bonus two weeks of pregnancy leaves plenty of time for last minute projects. Talia loves her matching dress and has requested “hundreds more.” Milo had to be bribed with lox and fruit to put on his coordinating shirt.


365_A (9)

On a lovely sunny day we set out on a stroll with the stated goal of taking a photo for the birth announcement. Two blocks away we realized it was way too hot and muggy to go for a walk and the nursing mama desperately needed some water, and just as we were about to turn back empty handed we stumbled upon our neighbor’s very lovely stone steps.


365_L (9)

Really, no idea why the neighbors stop to stare at us photographing our babies on the steps.


365_L (10)

The birthing center in NYC strongly discouraged washing babies at birth for a variety of reasons. Obviously we took their message to heart because neither baby was bathed until the ripe age of ten days old. Never fear though, both Talia and Milo were highly enthusiastic to help with the bath which will probably mean far more frequent bathing in the future. You should also note here the “decoration wall” specifically made to welcome the babies home.


365_A (10)

Lounging on the couch in their coordinating French pajamas post-bath.


365_L (11)

Awake and alert.


365_A (11)



365_L (12)

Lazy afternoons in the sun.


365_L (13)

Garfield Park in the late afternoon.


365_A (13)

Enjoying the late afternoon sun.


365_A (14)

Talia and Akiva.


365_L (14)

Talia and Linnea snuggling in bed.


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