365 Project – Week 3


365_L (15)

No idea why these photos look suspiciously similar to those on day 14. Nobody would ever cheat on their 365 day project on week 3. Way, way too early.


365_A (15)

So many friends told me that their twins ignored each other until close to 5 or 6 months, but Akiva and Linnea are definitely clued in to what the other one is doing. They wake at the same time and start looking for food at the same time, even if it seems that they are often deliberately ignoring each other.


365_L (16)

Just in case this is a temporary phase, it is good to remember that at least for now when the babies are well-fed and in clean diapers you can simply swaddle them and set them down and they put themselves fairly quickly to sleep.


365_A (16)


365_L (17)

Late afternoon nap in the garden.


365_A (17)

Late afternoon nap in the garden.

And where were the big kids? Well, Talia was enjoying a swim in our pool (complete with lavender bubble bath) and Milo was busy washing the car, a task he likes to do several times a week. And a project best done naking, obviously.




365_A (18)

Talking about the wonders of the world.


365_L (18)

Evenings can be a challenge on occasion.


365_A (19)

If you fall asleep early in the evening you are bound to be left in peace …


365_L (19)

… but if you stay awake late into the night chances are you may find yourself drafted into more photos. Camera? Check. Memory card? Check. Baby?


365_A (20)

Nainai came to visit and her favorite thing to do is to hold babies. For hours and hours and hours. They don’t seem to mind.


365_L (20)

On the way to the park.


365_L (21)

A rather formal shot from our walk down to Yards Park.


365_A (21)

All six.

And a few more of Talia and Milo from Yards Parks (and the obligatory stop at Buzz on the walk down):






One Response to “365 Project – Week 3”

  1. Lesley Speier Says:

    so special love you all thanks for sharing. My Mom arrives tonight she can’t wait to see the pics

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