365 Project – Week 4


365_L (22)

Late afternoon light in the living room.


365_A (22)

Akiva is finally starting to have longer alert periods. In less glowing news, the arrival of cradle cap.


365_A (23)

Marion Park with Nainai.


365_L (23)

Sister snuggles in the park. The park trip was a total success thanks to the best big sibling present – bubbles, bouncy balls, chalk and new water bottles. Sometimes we struggle to get out of the apartment and all the way down the block to the closest park, but not this trip.


365_A (24)

If you need someone to fight evil with fashion, Henry is your guy.


365_L (24)

Apparently Talia has incited some baby envy amongst her friends.


365_L (25)

What to say? Sometimes two kids mug for the camera at the exact same moment.


365_A (25)

And on the very same day their brother’s only photo is of a nap on the couch.


365_A (26)

Looking peaceful.


365_L (26)

Lots of affection.


365_L (27)

Beth came all the way to visit from Hawaii! Now if only she was not off to Japan quite so soon … So nice to have visitors who find it totally reasonable to set off for a picnic on the Mall and make it only to the Library of Congress before settling down to eat. And also, if one more person remarked on the small horde of (naturally angelic) children racing around the moving sidewalk in the National Gallery and their tired, pregnant mamas trying to keep up … (Akiva and Linnea were asleep in the stroller, but still folks). Photo by Matt.


365_A (27)

In the jungle with Becky Sue who really, truly loves babies.


365_A (28)

Superhero brothers to the rescue.


365_L (28)

It is always relaxing around our apartment. A combined lesson on knights, legos, and choking hazards.


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