365 Project – Week 5

The babies turned 5 weeks old and you know what that means … road trip! The sad thing is that our 3 pm departure and 1:30 am arrival really was no more than half the fault of Akiva and Linnea. There was a brief delay while we double parked in front of the World Bank because someone forgot a last minute commitment at work, the endless I-95 traffic, a sad fast food break for some followed by a spontaneous and lovely 10 pm dinner for others … followed by another nursing stop … but first the rest of the week.


365_L (29)

A visit to Lynn. Complete with chalk in the courtyard, trains, and of course a visit to that really nice restaurant where Gerry works.



A leisurely stroll after dinner.

365_A (29)

And a photo which did not quite make the cut.


365_L (30)

Busy day.


365_A (30)

Busy day.


365_L (31)

First Wednesday Night Dinner with nine children. We are lucky enough to have two families who rotate cooking and hosting dinner every Wednesday night. Pre-July we were three moms and seven children (including one set of identical twins), the oldest of whom was Talia. Now there are nine but it really seemed no more chaotic than before.


365_A (31)

This is the very same house where we held the bris, and we may well break in to take photos more frequently. A lovely backyard with excellent light.



First trip to Wolf Trap and first modern dance performance. We saw Paul Taylor II at the children’s theater in the woods. Thankfully Bri agreed to join us, and we even swung by the pool after a picnic to cool off.


365_A (32)

Akiva and Linnea were on their best behavior during the performance.


And a smiling Talia at the theater.


365_L (33)

Linnea in the morning.


365_A (33)

Both babies spend quite a bit of time contemplating the undersea scene in the swing. Usually Akiva is not a fan, but on this morning he seemed okay to lounge for a few minutes.


365_A (34)

A lovely sushi dinner at 10 pm with four very well-behaved children.


Which ended with the very sad realization that we really are a tad too recognizable at the moment to get away with dinner at the same restaurant the following weekend on our trek North. True story: while grabbing lunch in Durham the woman behind me in line turns to me and says “But where is the toddler boy?” I politely inquire whether we’ve met, and she responds no, but I was a few people behind you in line getting coffee two days ago …


365_L (34)

Some road trips include emergency diaper changes on the front seat. In shady garages.


365_A (35)

Despite loud pleas from Talia and Milo, we did in fact refrain from letting Akiva put his toes into the fountain at Guglhupf.

365_L (35)

Linnea also managed to stay dry. Not so much the big siblings.



Six years and some change ago we took wedding photos a few hundred yards over from this pond. Today we came to listen to the bullfrogs and look for turtles, which we found. More Gardens photos coming soon.


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