365 Project – Week 6

We left off at the end of Week 5 enjoying lunch at Guglhupf (don’t worry, there will be plenty more Guglhupf photos in the upcoming weeks) and we were lucky enough to spend the rest of the week in Durham. Talia and Milo went to a local Montessori camp and we mastered the art of bringing all 4 kids to the pool. With no further ado a week in NC:


365_A (36) (1)

Liz meets Akiva for the very first time at Bull City Craft. Liz came up to visit when I was about 38 weeks pregnant and for a good part of her visit I was quite convinced that the timing was perfect and I was in labor. Unfortunately it was not to be that weekend and thus Liz had to wait more than another full month to meet this guy.


365_L (36) (1)

Linnea cat naps while Talia worked on an important paint project. Thankfully the art store was empty except for us and Liz’s charges.


365_L (37) (1)

Lounging around at Grandma’s house.


365_A (37) (1)

Yet another delicious Guglhupf lunch. Milo was probably already in the fountain by this point.


365_A (38) (2)

Of note, this was Akiva’s first trip to the Cupcake Bar in downtown Durham. Not only are these my favorite cupcakes in the world, but the store has great light all day.


365_L (38) (1)

Napping at the Cupcake Bar can be quite exhausting. Here Linnea wakes from another hearty snooze.


365_A (39) (1)

The sun-dappled porch is gorgeous but always a challenge to photograph.


365_L (39) (1)

Possibly not the best photo of all of the kids, but still quite pleased that we managed a relaxed lunch at Elmos.


365_A (40) (2)

Milo is quite attached to his brother. He has big plans for Akiva when he gets just a tad older.


365_L (40) (1)

Okay, so possibly you’ll have to trust us that this is a photo of Linnea enjoying a lovely poolside nap thanks to Dale’s magical baby-lulling skills. But we were all thankful that Dale was there to help. And if you are wondering how you take 4 children to the pool … really nothing to it. Just remember to pack light.



365_L (41) (1)

On Saturday we headed North to meet Henry in Richmond but it quickly became apparent that we needed a long break from driving. So Linnea finally got to spend some time exploring the wonder of prisms and light at the Virginia Science Museum.


365_A (41) (2)

And Akiva got a taste of the finer things of life when we spontaneously decided to call it a day and crash overnight in Richmond.


365_A (42)

Obviously Akiva felt much better after a good night’s sleep.


365_L (42) (1)

And Linnea enjoyed the atmosphere at a local, farm fresh brunch place near the hotel even if she could not eat anything.


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