365 Project – Week 7


365_A (43) (1)

What to do when it is almost midnight and you have yet to take a photo of the day?


365_L (43)

Some people might be a tad skeptical of the 11:30 pm photo of the day.


365_L (44)

Less than a week after we saw Diane in Durham, she was back in DC and came over to help in the morning.


365_A (44)

And this photo may explain why we do not always get a lot of things accomplished during the day. This is moments after I confiscated both a wooden sword and a butterfly net from Milo. Safety first he often says.


365_L (45)

A visit to our local park in the late afternoon.


365_A (45)

Grumpy Akiva does not realize that Bri has come to help us through dinner and bedtime. And that she is fabulous at both.


365_A (46)

Nothing more relaxing than an afternoon at the pool with good friends. Seven kids, two tired mamas. The friendly woman who noted that we need not put the babies to nap on a towel under the table because there was plenty of shade on the other side of the pool had no idea that the babies were under the table to minimize their chance of being stepped on by enthusiastic older siblings. As you can see, the love can be effusive.


365_L (47)

Proud member of the B & O Train Museum in Baltimore. Our usual stop on our way North to visit Yeye and Nainai.


365_A (47)

Learning all about vintage train cars at the B & O Museum.


365_A (48)

We all survived the drive to Long Island!


365_L (48)

Obviously we picked this photo because of the small well-dressed man carrying a water gun in the background.


365_A (49)

The steps of the Port Jefferson public library. Who knew it was closed on Sundays in the summer?



Posing on the steps of the Port Jefferson library. Luckily there is excellent coffee directly across the street.


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