365 Project – Week 8


365_A (50)

The Aunties are here! They drove down to Long Island to (finally) get some snuggles.


365_L (50)

Two aunties, two babies. And with one Stephanie along for the trip we were finally up to a reasonable adult to child ratio for vacation.


365_A (51)

Nainai rarely sets down a sleeping baby. And of course they quite appreciate that.


365_L (51)

Nadine has plenty of practice getting little people to sleep. Linnea is wearing Talia’s original watermelon dress as featured in her first trip to California circa 2009.


365_A (52)

Akiva rocked his tie dye onesie at the pool. Unfortunately he was not allowed into the water yet.


365_L (52)

Linnea survives Talia and Milo’s affection.


365_L (53)

The very day after Nadine and Terry headed North, Aunt Karin hopped on a boat South to meet the babies. Lots of snuggles, two new handknit blankets, one trip to Friendly’s and one trip to the pool later, and we had to sadly return her to the ferry dock.


365_A (53)

Tired, tired Akiva after all of our travels and visitors.


365_A (54)

Lots and lots of Yeye and Nainai snuggles.


365_L (54)

Linnea sometimes looks a tad skeptical/unimpressed with those around her. No idea who she might get that from …


365_A (55)

Not bad for all four children in one photo frame …


365_L (55)

The best part of this photo is the moment after it was taken when Milo was (presumably temporarily) distracted by something and rolled Linnea face first into the grass. He exclaimed “oh baby oh baby” and proceeded to run off.


365_L (56)

First trip to Brooklyn and a delightful bagel brunch with good friends. Then we attempted to line up all six children for a photo. Asher exited immediately (very mobile, too young to bribe) but the remaining five hung around for enough time to snap a photo.


365_A (56)

And then Talia and Milo took off and Akiva fell fast asleep surrounded by two of his favorite lady friends: Linnea and Elia (just about 4 weeks younger than A and L). Needless to say we will attempt to recreate this photo (perhaps with Asher?) in future visits.


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