Oh my, seems like we’re a few weeks behind

but never fear we’ve been steadfastly taking a photo day and they will be posted here in very short succession.  Comments may be added later because I really want to get these photos up.  With no further ado, Week 9.

And it looks like we’re starting with a bit of a cheat.  Long car drives can do that to you.


365_A (57)

One more Brooklyn photo, this time with Asher.  To many more bagel brunches with this crew.


365_L (58)

Home again and back to lounging on the couch in the late afternoon sun.  Skeptically, of course.


365_A (58)

Brother love.  And choking hazards.


365_L (59)

The skeptics.


365_A (59)

Some afternoons are like this.  Luckily the babies do not seem to have so much noticed that their constant companion has emotions yet.


365_A (60)

Naptime on the couch (with close supervision, of course).


365_L (60)

Cheryl snuggles during a trial Tae Kwon Do class.  We’ll be postponing starting Tae Kwon Do for now, but good to know it’s in the neighborhood.  In the meantime, found a lovely brick wall.


365_L (61)

That look.  Wearing Fabindia from head to toe of course.


365_A (61)

And a different variant on the same look.  They really were having a great time before I grabbed the camera.


365_A (62)

We headed down to Yards Park for a lovely picnic complete with good friends, mozzarella sandwiches, kale chips and fancy sodas.


365_L (62)

And finished the evening dashing for cover as an incredible thunderstorm descended on the city.  Luckily we found refuge in a local ice cream shop but even the trek to get the car from a few blocks away was pretty hair-raising.  At least we took a moment to snap a quick photo with small baby and ominous storm clouds before we left the exposed pool and the river promenade.


365_L (63)

Henry commented that our trip to the Phillips Gallery was not quite as relaxing as he’d hoped.  But the point is that we take for granted that we can take four children to a small, quiet art collection and have a pleasant afternoon.


365_A (63)

Akiva and adoring siblings on the walk to the Phillips Gallery.


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