365 Project – Week 10


365_L (64)

Early morning school run with Akiva and Linnea both snug in our incredible Bugaboo (the stroller is eleven years old and still works well).


365_A (65)

Back in the Bugaboo later in the day.


365_A (64)

Lounging with the ladies after a leisurely stroll down to the benches in front of the U.S. Botanic Garden (nope, we didn’t make it in this time).  R is also the third baby in her family, born just three days after A & L, and she makes a delightful companion for coffee or a long walk.  She also has some pretty impressive facial expressions.


365_L (65)

Milk for breakfast is the best.


365_L (66)



365_A (66)

Such a grin.


365_A (67)

Matching diapers, slightly distracted babies.


365_L (67)

Ah yes, perhaps this explains the distracted look.


365_A (68)

The reading corner at the Building Museum, one of our favorite Friday afternoon adventures with school friends (photo credit largely thanks to Cheryl who is expert at both snuggling babies and eliciting smiles)


365_L (68)

Lounging upstairs in the Building Museum.  Thankfully not a very busy day at the museum as this room can get quite hazardous to a small immobile person.


365_L (69)

Just another day in the city.  Dropped by a certain large light-colored house not all that far away from ours for a private tour by the Dada.


365_A (69)

And of course stopped to nurse in EOB.  Talia and Milo were entirely unimpressed with the tour but thoroughly wowed by the myriad of delightful offerings in the snack machines in EOB.  They have obviously requested a return visit to the snack machines in the near future.


365_L (70)

Grandpa David came to visit!


365_A (70)

So of course Lynn and Gerry drove in to say hi to Grandpa and get a few baby snuggles in.


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