365 Project – Week 12


365_L (78)

Clay class, Art Works in Mt. Rainier.  Baby was removed from the table before slab rolling began.


365_A (78)

Getting ready to jump into clay class.


365_L (79)

Linnea quite likes her fish friends in the swing.  Some people were skeptical of the need for a bouncer or swing in every room, but this swing resides in the kitchen and sees quite a bit of use.


365_A (79)

Fall days, back porch armchair.


365_L (80)

Grandma time!  The babies first Rosh Hashanah in Durham.


365_A (80)

What a welcome at the airport.  As seems to be our family tradition, the kids and I drove down to Durham.  And Henry flew, which I hear can be quite pleasant and even allow an hour or so for leisurely reading.


365_L (81)

Fancy dress, all ready to head off to childrens services at synagogue.


365_A (81)

Our good friends from college drove from Charlotte to come meet the babies and join us for dinner.  Not pictured in this oddly cropped photo: the sweet baby bump which suggests Akiva and Linnea have a new friend on the way.


365_L (82)

Art appreciation at the Nasher with Grandpa.  A good museum for a quick visit with kids.


365_A (82)

Some babies of course opted to skip the Miro exhibit.


365_A (83)

Oh the big sibling love during a trip to the Museum of Life and Science!  Lunch with Ian before we headed off to dig up more dinosaur bones.


365_L (83)

Observing all of the excavations in the dinosaurs exhibit.


365_A (84)

Welcome to Virginia rest area on the drive North.  The expression is perhaps a bit premature – we were only about an hour into the drive at this point.


365_L (84)

Road trip face.  Really, sometimes they sleep in the car.  And anyway, always worth it to visit Grandma and Grandpa.


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