365 – Week 11


365_L (71)

There is something about the light in the studio at Talia and Milo’s clay class which makes for good portraits.  You would think from the photo that this is a gorgeous studio but it in fact has concrete floors and large fluorescent lights.  Also, only accessible by stairs which means both babies get woken up on our way inside.


365_A (71)

And obviously some babies wish they could have napped a little longer.


365_A (72)

Lounging on the front stairs.


365_L (72)

Different baby, same pose.


365_A (73)

Late afternoon games and Talia snuggles.


365_L (73)

Snuggles and perhaps a bit of skepticism.


365_A (74)

It is pretty impressive to pull off this serious a face in an alien t-shirt.


365_L (74)

Dada is off to work and then the grumbles start.


365_L (75)

One huge perk of being the youngest is awesome dresses raided straight from the dolls clothes bin and leisurely afternoons at the park.  Here at Turkey Thicket (and yes those huge barrels are part of the playground decor.  Not sure why).


365_A (75)

Turkey Thicket playground, Friday afternoon.


365_A (76)

Oh the grins!


365_L (76)

The stare down.


365_A (77)

A very adventurous trip to AnneMarie Sculpture Garden in Solomons, MD.  Lots of lovely outdoor sculptures and comfy armchairs for resting.  Not pictured: the bug and burr-covered beach nightmare afterwards as we braved a new state park and immediately regretted the choice.


365_L (77)

We like to start them young on art appreciation.  AnneMarie Sculpture Garden in Solomons, MD.


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