365 Project – Week 15


365_L (99)

Oh that look of skepticism.  But really, many babies wear headbands.  It’s not even that absurd of a headband.


365_A (99)

Yeye snuggles.


365_A (100)

I wonder which big kid set up these toys for Akiva.


365_L (100)

Not crawling, but getting ready.


365_L (101)

Once a week Talia and Milo take the bus home from school and then we walk over to piano lessons.  A beautiful late afternoon walk.


365_A (101)

Something interesting up there … And yes, this is a double stroller.  But the babies just look so small in their own seats that it seems more snuggly to let them share the top seat of the stroller until they get a bit bigger.  Also it allows Milo the indulgence of not having to walk or scoot.


365_A (102)

Hard to tell from this photo that Christopher came all the way from London to meet Akiva and Linnea and spent much of his precious few hours in DC at our local playground.


365_L (102)

Linnea keeping track of all the action in the apartment from her pillow.


365_L (103)

Not sure why Linnea looks so sad here.


365_A (103)

Spiderman to the rescue!


365_A (104)

Late afternoon, Marion Park.


365_L (104)

Back from the park and just about to head in to dinner.


365_A (105)

Obviously some of the technology in our house could use an upgrade.


365_L (105)

Linnea has an incredible ability to fall asleep on the living room floor just as we are getting ready for a nap.  Not that we mind at all.


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